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D-Rider Core Rules

(Status: In Development)

The D-Rider Core Rules for "Paper & Pencil" play are provided in "The D-Rider Systems Manual". "The D-Rider Systems Manual" will be augmented by supplemental rulebooks, each applying to multiple game universes. An example is "The Book of Armaments I", which is applicable to all game universes using melee weapons and/or primitive missile weapons, such as bows. These works are under development in parallel with D-Rider's computer based gaming products. At present, a final date for release of these products has not yet been set.

D-Rider's features include hit location based damage, combat resolution by tables, real world effect simulation, and cross universe portability. D-Rider's core rules allow easy entry to new game genres, requiring only the appropriate supplement books, as the core rules are designed to fully cover the needs of all game universes.

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